I Hab a code!

The price for being too fat is I have a treatable blood pressure problem. The good news is that with meds I can keep it well into the normal range. The bad news is that there is just nothing that can reduce my stuffed up head without driving my blood pressure into above normal ranges. This keeps me sniffing and carrying a Kleenex (or Puffs box if I am lucky) all day. I find that my nose drips when I don't blow it every three minutes. There is no fever, a slight headache and no congestion, only that damn drip.

The round ball season is a little over half way completed. Other than Oklahoma at Norman, KU has a pretty good chance of running the table out. Teams don't go into Norman and beat the Sooners. Tonight they take Iowa State in Lawrence and it should be a darned good game. Iowa State always plays a pretty good game against the Hawks and with a few changes could be a tough match.

Yesterday I listened to a funny story about the new Post Master General. Last year in spite of having a 3 billion dollar loss, the Postmaster was given a bonus of over $400,000 to bring his compensation to just over $800,000 dollars. What bunch of idiots gave the guy a bonus in spite of the loss? Yes boys and Girls your congress did to help keep good leadership in the head position of the Post Office. They now have the temerity to shame business for paying a bonus for the same thing. More of the same, more of the same. An we keep re-electing these fools.


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