Whole Wheat Flour in my Rolls

At the Thursday class of the Master Food Volunteer (MFV) training we made bread in a bag. It wasn't a perfect whole wheat bread, but a 1/3 whole, 2/3 processed wheat bread. Barb made it into Cinnamon rolls and man were they a great treat. I was worried that they would be a little heavy and not light enough to be a sweet roll but they were just right. Barb was careful to let them raise enough in the pan so they were light. Even this morning the last roll was a treat.
I told Barb that I was fine this morning if I could sit still and sniff about once a minute. Otherwise, my nose becomes Old Faithful and erupts without warning. She said I need to adapt the cowboy spit cup to include a strap and hang it right under my nose. It would be a snot cup to catch those pesky drips. Either that or I need a shoulder strap for the Puffs box. (Never leave home without it) Perhaps if that strap also had a way to hang a trash bag underneath it would be the perfect solution. Nah, sit still and sniff and apply Vick's to your nose to cut the red.
Yesterday it was almost 70 here and today it will be sunny and work hard to hit 30. With all the basketball games on Saturday TV, I will survive. Hope you have a great weekend. Eat oranges and take a nap.


  1. The rolls look great and as for your last post if I started my rants about what is going on with our goverment and country oh boy I don't think I would ever stop! Just keep being you, that is who we know and love:)

  2. I think you could sell all that equipment in a kit, especially if you threw in a cinnamon roll or five. Hope you get to feeling better so you can cheer as loud as possible.

  3. When you posted about making cinnamon rolls out of that dough, I figured they'd probably be heavy, too. Working with whole wheat or other flours in baked goods that you're used to having made from white flour can be tricky. I think some people try to go too far in making sweets healthy and use too much of the heavier flours. In my opinion, it's easier to just cut back on sweets and have the real thing when you do have them.

    It can be fun to make healthy improvements on those tried and true recipes as long as you don't go all health nut, though. Using just 1/3 wheat probably made the difference between nice, light cinnamon rolls and the bricks that a few of my health concious friends have tried to pass off on me. I found the same thing with pancakes. 1/2 white and 1/2 wheat is the ratio that my family can handle and enjoy. Any more wheat and those pancakes are heavy and flat. Someone else might not like that much wheat, though. You have to experiment and see what works for your tastes. For breads, I prefer something denser with some wheat berries, sunflower seeds, and different little texture bits thrown in for interest to Wonder Bread or Roman Meal.

    I hope you feel better soon and I look forward to hearing more about your cooking/baking adventures. Political rants are fine by me, too. Sports rants I just won't understand, but I can skim past 'em;o)

  4. The cold that won't die hit you too, huh? Those rolls look fantastic!