Waco Pt. 2

What does a KU fan wear on Game day? His KU Sweatshirt and a stupid smile. This is after at least my third cup of coffee so I am wide awake.
The Texas ranger Museum is just north of the Baylor campus and I just couldn't not go there. Lots of guns and pictures of old men. My kind of place.
Did ya' know there is a Dr pepper museum in Waco? Here I am in the courtyard with the 48 Chevy truck. Pretty well restored but it did need a few more things.
Here is one of the highlights of the museum on the Baylor campus, Er, it was in the Cow Town behind the great museum. You would have liked the displays. (and hated the water)

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  1. Dude, are you sporting a chin beard? That is so hip. I just did away with the goat-like facial hair and went with the "catfish." One of my clients I met with today laughed at my "porno-stache."