Fort Worth

This is who I want to be when I grow up. This is my cousin Paul and his wife Sarah Jane and their granddaughter, Kaitlyn. We had a great visit and laughed at the antics. Little lives bring such adventure into the world. Typical story was when it got quiet Kaitlan was in the bathroom exploring the mints (rolaids).
The weather here is nice. It is going to be in the mid 50's today and sunny.

See ya' later alligator



  1. Leave it to little ones to find all kinds of "fun" thing to explore!

  2. Mz. Virginia says that little Kaitlan's face is shaped just like her sister, Nona Jean's. She says she wishes she could just take her little face in her hand like she just to do Nona Jean's when she was small. "She was a darlin'."

  3. Doesn't anyone name girls Clementine anymore?