Waco, TX

-Well boys and Girls, we have arrived in Waco, Texas so tomorrow night we can watch the Baylor bears and KU play. Yes, we could have stayed home and watched it on ESPN Big Monday, but what fun is that. The only thing we didn't do right so far was neither one of us brought shorts for the mid 70's weather. The students are all out over the campus in short shorts, er, at least the one's I saw. We kind of wanted to see a couple of games on the other Big XII campuses. Later on in March we will travel to Lubbock to see KU and Texas Tech.

We had to start the day our early to make the flight out of KC. I'm pretty sure that we will neither one be awake to see the end of the Super Bowl. We might watch the commercials and half time but that will be about out limit. Barb brought two books so I'm not sure she will watch any of the game. I will watch until I hit the wall and fall asleep.

So far we have driven pretty much all over Waco and have not found much that really keeps us interested. Perhaps tomorrow I might go see the Texas Ranger's Museum but that's not a promise. I think about suppertime we will head out and see if this stupid little map of Waco can help me find the nearest thing they have to a mall. You never know, might find some good eats nearby.

Enough for now. See you on the flip side.



  1. Hope you found some nice food in Waco!

  2. The food is like everywhere else but the water tastes like crap. I have had water out of an oil well that was better. If you put lemon in it and pretend it is mineral water it is drinkable. Forget the ice tea. MUD

  3. Will we see you in OKC for the Big XII Tourney?

  4. Welcome to Texas, Mud!