Road Trip Pics for Almost Wordless Wednesday

Barb had me add this picture to show you that not all the churches in Kansas lean to the right.

Typical small town Kansas. The bakery we were told to visit was closed. No one knew why.

Main Street in Alma. Had a great lunch here.

What Kansas Town would be complete without a great big church? Yes, this picture leans

Got some great cheese here.

Stone House in the Alma park. I would love to have this little house here at Rabbit Run.

The park had a tractor for the kids to play on. Great idea. As a little boy, Dave would have loved this.

Wonder why there are so many rock walls in Kansas. This sign says it all.

Here is one of those walls.

The vistas is Kansas are where you look. It is not something, but everything.

Wabunsee County Lake is a nice little lake along K-4.

This is the low water crossing on the west side of the lake.

All these photos were taken by Barb and all I did was put them in the order they appear here.



  1. Anonymous9:59 PM

    Geesh!... I had no clue that Kansas has its own Leaning Tower of Pizza.

  2. What a nice "tour" of Kansas! Lovely photos.