Exciting Day in the Little Apple

Those of us that are Round ball fans of the Crimson and Blue brand saw a very exciting game on Saturday as KU finally defeated K-State. It was a game of spurts and sputters and raised my blood pressure so much that I had to get out for a walk to silence the noise in my ears. I can't imagine what it would have been like if KU hadn't been able to junk defense the Purple Pride into submission. It is what college rivalry is all about.

There was only one thing that really took the shine off that game. Dennis Clemente was really shadowed by Brady Morningstar for a long stretch during the second half. When Brady through good footwork got right in front of where Dennis was driving, Dennis threw a forearm as they crashed together. As Dennis walked away he threw an elbow into Brady's back and got called for an intentional foul and a Technical. Ku got two free throws and the ball back. To add to the hurt, the next two plays went the way of the Jay Hawks and there were six points added to the four for the elbow and the hawks went up by 10. In the paper today Dennis said that Brady had thrown an elbow and he wouldn't let anyone "Punk him out". The sad fact was that that play was shown four or five times and both elbows were thrown by My Clemente. It was his temper and poor sportsmanship that led to K-State's downfall. I am going to write the paper and chastise them for publishing that comment by young Mr. Clemente. He had the right to think it but the paper should not have published it.

Speaking of high blood pressure items, I have about reached my limit with rude cell phone users. I fully understand wanting to be in touch and the need for the ability to reach out and touch someone. I don't understand the risk taking I see. First young women get into their car and make a call and then put on their seat belt (Unless they are driving an SUV) they drive out of their workplace and because they have their right hand full of phone and the left hand on the wheel they fail to signal until they have caught up with the world. The second class of rude are those people that constantly text in a movie theater. The bright light from their screens just hurt my old eyes. Mot of the kids won't talk on their phones but the pictures they take of the screen and the testing cause light that is annoying. It was once a sign that a person was crazy when they would walk down the street talking to themselves. Now it is that blue something in their ear that they are talking to.

One the bright side, the weather today is supposed to be nice about noon and perhaps I'll get some work done on the cold frame I need to build. I found a great source for straight 2x4's and the sheathing was only $5.56 a sheet. (Lowe's) Not to be confused with Kohl's that doesn't sell lumber. To a dyslexic, the difference between Lowe's and Kohl's is hard to see. Add partzheimers to that mix and you might find yourself in Aisle 8 at Lowe's looking for a T-Shirt.

Have a great day.


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  1. everyone knows that T-shirts are on aisle 7!!