Flutter Bys

As you know if you read this blog at all, Barb has planted a garden(s) that attract all manner of pretty butterflies. She had a terrarium full of little Monarch caterpillars that she feeds milkweed and then releases them when they develop into the adult butterfly. We have always had one or two swallowtail butterflies but didn't plant the host plant for their cats. This year Barb had a fennel plant and one day we found it stripped bare and covered with cats. We bought four parsley pots and they were soon bare. On our last trip to Tulsa we went by Arnold's Green House near Leroy, KS and bought their last Bronze fennel and this morning I saw one cat eating on a bare stem of that plant. One of these years we are going to follow the Monarchs to Mexico as the go there to overwinter in the mountains north of Mexico City.


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