Rainy Monday

Barb has been working hard to include insects in her pictures for the interest value. This is the red Mexican Sunflower with a Bumble Bee about to land.

Yesterday we had more rain in 24 hours than any other recorded period for the 17th of August. It was more than t and less than 3 inches. Other than everything is a soggy dogie, nothing seems worse for the wear. It is curious that several people have commented that too much rain has been hard on their gardens. The MG has declared war on squash bugs and actually carried a bucket of Sevin around and was drowning them and their eggs.

For some strange reason it has also been fairly cool. The high here yesterday was in the 70's and it is cloudy enough today to keep the temperature down even if the humidity is way up. I may try to sneak a ride in at the lake today if it doesn't rain some more.
Yesterday I made pulled pork sammies and was I ever disappointed. There was just no zing in the meal. I really wanted them to come out more like Cuban sandwiches but I didn't grill them. I guess I have no one to blame but myself. Dave was late getting here and he fixed his own with some mozzarella cheese and he loved it. I guess I really should have grilled them in butter with cheese. My Bad.
Oh well, what the hell, what the heck do I care. A Lot really but next time buckos.


  1. That is a great picture! I think I am going to print it and frame it!

  2. Wow!!! That if a fabulous photo! You should make that into a greeting card!