Hot August Nights?

I went out to gather the paper this morning and wished that I had a light jacket on. It was about 60 and the daytime high here will be about 80. I can't figure out the weather here in the heartland. It was green all the way to Oklahoma last week. It really looks like June not August. We are several inches of rainfall above normal and many of our friends are saying their gardens just didn't do well this year. Not enough sun and too much rain I guess.

Let me offer this simple rule for problem solving. Start with the most obvious thing first and work to the harder items. I replaced a bathroom light fixture in one of my rental homes last year. The renter called yesterday and said he had smelled electrical smoke and the fixture was not working. I started with taking the fixture down from the ceiling to see if there was any burnt wires. I went up in the attic to see if there were any problems there. I rewired the fixture from the junction box and after several trips back up there it still didn't work. I wired it the correct way and tested all the circuits with a tester. Finally I took a light bulb out of my extension light and the damned thing lit up. Who would think that two CF lights would burn out at the same time? Who knew that they would smell funny when they did. Rule one, don't doubt your earlier work, check the damned bulb first. Stupid me spent about five hours yesterday working on problems that didn't exist. What else did I have to do. Well, there was season three of Dexter to watch.

The kids are coming over for breakfast/brunch this morning. We have this 39.5 Lb watermelon to use and Dave is working later on. I think I am going on a grocery store run shortly to get a couple kinds of sausage and ham. I think Barb is going to do her cashew Blueberry pancakes.

Might even get to do some mowing this afternoon, you never can tell.


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