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I am in the middle of learning how to use this new note book computer so bear with me for a couple of days. I had no idea that it would take 2 hours to encode the pictures of 999 pictures on a DVD. No clue on how long it will take to burn the DVD when that completes. More later. (right after I wrote this, the computer jumped over to burning and it seemed to be at the same place in the percentage. About 80 percent encoded it said it was 80% complete on the burning and in about 20 minutes gave me a completed DVD)

While I worked on the DVD, I listened to the radio. Dave Ramsey spent a coupe of hours telling people about money and how to control it. There were a couple of things I agree with but there are a few that I think he blew. First was the smart thing. Washington is being, "Stupid with a string of Zeros on the end." One of his listeners thinks Dave should have a clunker for cash program - "Drive a clunker for the cash you save." A couple of straight forward good ideas.

When Dave talks with his listeners, he often lets his Christian side out in his comments. Such as, "You can never walk in peace until you walk with the Prince of Peace." The problem is, that every once in a while he mixes his examples such as... Barack Obama is not going to bring Calvary with him and save you. Hey Dave, Back in the day, the Cavalry would rush in to save people. Calvary is that hill outside Jerusalem where as a foundation of your belief, Calvary will come in to save you through salvation.

Dennis Petty economics 101 starts with the guidance that income must be equal to or greater than outgo. It ends with, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." In between is a bunch of simple ideas that include if it ain't the stock market buy as low as you can. When in doubt, pay cash and debt is seldom the way to go except for the house you live in. If it is speculation and not shelter, pay cash as much as you can. A paid for used car is the cheapest way to go. Drive a new car off the lot and it will immediately lose 3 to 4 thousand dollars in value. If you didn't put that much down, chances you are 'tipped over" in that deal from day one.

In the early days of your life, you wake up every day with a curiosity about the day’s activities and enough energy to accomplish anything your activities include. After a simple breakfast you rush into the day and use it for every inch of learning and fun possible. There are some simple rules you have to follow and some supervision you must endure but the possibilities of the day excite you into action. Most of us grew up with other children around that were just as thrilled and excited about the day as you were.

In the middle days of your life, you are subjected to regimentation. It starts with someone thinking it only fair that you spend 9 months out of the year learning everything in the manner some board describes as “the way”. About the time you think you have learned everything possible, you get out of school and start working in an environment that shows you just how book smart and street stupid you are. You may know how to figure the sides of a triangle and the area but you find your need is to operate simple office machines and computers. “How Dare” the school teach you everything possible about Mac’s and you find everyone in the real world using something else. Gees, did you now there are two buttons on a mouse? How can something called Microsoft be so hard?

About the time you figure out how to survive work, you find your household growing with little children. Those kids expect to have your attention any time they holler, “Watch Me”! They do Parachute Landing Falls (PLFs) from the back of the couch better than taught at the Army Jump School. If you trip and fall down it is a trip to the Emergency Room for X-Rays. Kids land in impossible positions and get up with a giggle. When you are sleeping, you pray that you can get just a little more sleep so you can keep up with them without drinking enough coffee to caffeinate Brazil. That joy you had about dawn is just a distant memory. Somewhere the, “Oh God, would you look at that!” becomes, “Dear God don’t make me look at anything for just another 15 minutes.”

After years of school, work, kids and trying to sleep, you reach that stage in life where you wake up before the sun shines in your window. (You probably went to sleep about the time the sun went down 12 hours ago but you fool yourself into forgetting that and the nap you took) You get that cup of coffee and sit and ponder life and memories of your past. You probably don’t have enough energy to do much more than pondering but you wax poetic on life and your activities of the day. Inside you are still that little kid and you devise great plans for the day. The rest of the day is do a little, rest, rest up from resting up and do a little more. You know there are dust bunnies in places you no longer look. You know the attic, basement and garage all need cleaned up but that is always for “Another Day”.

Thus the cycle of life continues. You finally get to where your memories are of your childhood and the joys of life. You know that you have lost another set of keys or reading glasses but you will do your best without guilt. After all, you didn’t spend your life working and saving your money just to be made to feel guilty about another set of keys. Lets see, where was I going? What am I doing here in the kitchen? Hum…


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