Random Thoughts on a Cool Morning

Barb captured this Momma Wodpecker feeding the babe. She would fly down to the sunflower feeder and bring back a seed to the baby who sat and watched.

This could have gone on for hours

My Birthday cake was a Dachshund. Wonder Why?

The Momma Bird one more time

The other day Jenni of Prairie Air made a hot potato salad using Frank's wing sauce. I started with the sweet hot sauce and am not on to the middle of the three. As I use it more and more, I find that I am about to move up to the hottest kind. Dang I hate it when that happens. I will probably find myself eating more ice cream and then I will need to work harder and the cycle begins. The good news is that it is warm enough to allow me to get out and work hard. Barb made some chicken and onions to put in a burrito. Apply the wing sauce and it takes on a whole new taste. It is a fusion of Boston and Mexico. Good stuff.

Yesterday I went out to the new Tractor Supply Store and purchased some needed stuff for the mower. I hate Briggs and Stratton motors but the Kohler parts are 'spensive. A simple oil filter and air filter was close to $30.00. Throw in some oil, a small bottle of green slime for a tire and a little tax and three $20 bills were left there. Nothing like the new composting barrel I mention to the wife I saw there. I am going back there this morning to get the barrel and I will probably spend a couple of hours making a support system to get it up off the ground. Oh well, the garden is really starting to produce right now so it will be worth it to be able to turn the produce scraps into fertilizer.

Normally in July, as it warms up and drys out, the mowing becomes a once in two week project. With the cooler weather and lots of rain, it is still a weekly effort. I really love how the places look when they are mowed and trimmed but dang that's a lot of work. The only good thing is that I get to listen to the radio while mowing so I can stay up on the latest news. The talk radio station I normally tune into during the week turns into a Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra and musicians of that era love fest. I can only sing along for so long and I have to find something that engages my mind. I really like to listen to Click and Clack, the Tappet brothers and Prairie Home Companion on NPR but I hate their news coverage. I guess that's the price I must pay.

I think it is totally unfair that in spite of the yard full of old cars, not one qualified for the cash for clunkers deal. They are either too old or too fuel efficient. I do think it is neat that the Rodriguez clan got to trade in their Suburban in the deal. I'll bet they save enough on gas to darn near pay for the new one. Our 96 Buick would make a great donor car but it gets better than the 18 MPG requirement. I really wouldn't trade the 57 Chevy or the 53 Truck in for $4,500 anyway. Oh well, I'm still perusing the paper and looking for that new car that gets 50 MPG ans sells for less than $10,000. Perhaps I'll get lucky like the story about the guy that answered an ad for a new Corvette. When he got there to look at the car it was a brand new car and the woman wanted $500.oo for it. The guy wanted the car real bad but he knew it was a real unfair deal to the woman. He asked her if she really wanted just $500 for the car and she said, "My husband ran off with his secretary. He sent me a letter and told me to sell the Corvette and send him the money. That's exactly what I'm going to do." Works for Me!

I haven't perfected the whole e-mail setup on this new machine so I am going to stop here. Go to the old machine and download some pictures that Barb sent me and put them on the top of this message. If you are looking for pictures and they aren't there, you are either too early or I couldn't make it all work.



  1. 1) I love the woodpecker photos! I'm always impressed when people can get such sharp, close-up photos of birds.

    2) Cute cake, but also kinda scary. I was just typing up a post for tomorrow which includes the story of my recurring nightmare about a dachsund.

    3) I'm going to have to try that burrito idea. Danny and I have both been surprised at how many things we're finding we like that sauce for because neither one of us likes hot wings (or any kind of wings).

    4) I like NPR news because, although it's biased (like all news), I know which way it's biased and it seems a little more moderate than other news. I will always change the station if that awful Daniel Schorr comes on, though. Ugh. Hate him!

  2. Okay the story about the car is hilarious! If I were her I would have told him he's lucky I don't burn the car and I'd keep the money!