Part 4 of the problem solutions

Here is another segment of my solutions to problems:
  • I once had a wise old boss that was up to his armpits in alligators when people would come to him to give him new rules to drain the swamp. He held a staff meeting and installed a new process. If we saw a problem, we were to write a paper. First we would state the problem, the cost of not fixing the problem and three solutions. Those solutions would have a cost listed as nothing is free. People that write editorials in the papers should write three solutions to the problem not just complain.
  • The Taxpayers of Shawnee County have funded a great trail around Lake Shawnee. 8 Miles of concrete trails have been built and now the debates are surfacing. The walkers don't want bikes on the trail as they go fast and are dangerous. The bike riders want the people walking on the trail to obey the rules that are clearly posted. I want everyone to read and understand the rules as posted and get along. If you ride fast, slow down. If you walk, stay on the right side of the walkway. If you take children with you, supervise them. If you have a dog don't use one of those 25 foot long leashes that lets them run all over heck. If you plug in your Walkman don't be surprised if people shout at you to let you know they are passing. My last request is for those of us that don't have fenders on our bikes. If you feed the geese, please throw the bread way off the sidewalk so the geese don't gather in one place and crap on the sidewalk. I hate goose poop.
  • I would install into the curriculum in high school, a money management course. It would include how to make a budget, how to save money, money vehicles for saving, how to write checks and when not to. The most important thing to understand is how to reconcile the checkbook and understand how much money is there. If there were some simple diversify rules imparted, the Madoff Scheme would have not happened. the higher the return, the higher the risk. The riskier something is, the smaller percentage you can invest there. From low to high the investments should be; your house (50%) your car (10%) your savings (10%) your retirement (7.5%) , Money market (10%), Stock Market (5%) Insurance (5%) and then speculation with the last 2.5%. Big rule- Outgo must not exceed income.



  1. There is a money management program in our local high school. It's paid for and run by a credit card company. We won't let our children take it. We'll be doing a Dave Ramsey course instead.

  2. I listen to Dave Ramsey all the time. If people only knew how to use a credit card things would be a lot different. They are used in this family to guarantee that we get what we buy when we buy plane tickets and hotel rooms.Visa backs us up if the Airlines bump us or a room gets cancelled and then billed. I think Barb uses it when she buys camera equipment from B&H in New York. The balance gets paid each month. (Almost with out fail) MUD

  3. I am with you on the money management class, no suprise there. Dave Ramsey actually has a high school program that is used nation wide, just not in KS yet.