What Time is? Cat Time

Near the end of summer, Barb begins to look at her plants to see what kind of Cats are there. No, this is tiger and not her kind of cat.

Baby Monarch Caterpillars start to show up and Barb gives them a hand and protects them. She will take some to her old school for the third grade classes. The baby Monarch Caterpillar is circled in blue.
Here is an adult Monarch, they are such a beautiful insect. They add grace and beauty to our garden.

This little guy is a swallow tail butterfly caterpillar. Looks like a monarch but is more yellow than orange. We have a plant that is covered with these guys.

This is the garden at tecumseh South school that Barb helps maintain. The butterflys love it and it makes Barb proud when she see's it.

The 25 cent question si what the heck is this guy? he is some kind of a caterpillar but we have never see one before. It doesn't have an ened that looks like it is in charge. We now have it in a jar to see what develops.

This is the official 1000 Post on my blog. Hope you enjoy it. I will finish the Midnight Surfer tomorrow.
MUD & Bobwa's Photos

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