Positive things Part 2.

I sure Hope that by the end of the week I don't turn negative. It is hard but here goes:

  • Every tax must have a sunset provision. Nothing is forever. Most of them will expire when we look at the benefits vs the cost but none the less I would sunset them all.

  • If there are people out there that need Health Insurance, Dang it, buy them some. Send the money to the States and get on with the program. Medicaid can handle it not some new Federal program that will employ another hundred thousand zombies. It should be loud and clear that we don't want Congress to screw with our health care. Leave me the hell alone.

  • Cap and trade is a Ponzi Scheme and Congress should just throw that crap out and start over. If you want to clean up the environment of CO2, plant some more trees. Hells bells, there are freeways all across America that needs to have a tree planted about every 20 feet along the fence line. Cuts down on sound, cuts CO2, makes America beautiful. Win, Win for everyone. (Except for the water bill to keep those trees alive in Nevada)

  • Someone one needs to figure out that if you write a Tax Bill, apply it everyone the same. No loopholes, no exceptions. If you want a bigger house, that is your right. Just don't ask me to give you a tax break because you owe money. Spend the IRS money on enforcement and collection out at the base level of the money and leave the honest taxpayers alone. Take what you need from every source and don't ask me to file every year. Every source includes income (including retirement) interest earned, dividends, barter or whatever you do. Pay it and get it over. Wait - Did I say we need to put all the taxes together and show people what the real tax cost is? Local and Federal Sales and income taxes plus property taxes all in one basket. I think the people fleeing from California will raise the property values in the rest of the States.

  • I heard the other day that it costs 300 million dollars (could have been a billion but who is counting) a mile for the new transport system in California. We could hire all the unemployed as rickshaw drivers for what that costs. Cut pollution, cuts unemployment and improves heath. Winner! nah, another program that hires more Federal Employees. Just buy them bikes and install bike lanes.

  • Is it nearing the time to give everyone an Internet connection and eliminate the Post Office? Cut the delivery to five days a week at least. Give the job of packages to FedEx or UPS and move on smartly.

  • Instead of fighting a War in Afghanistan, really look hard at what that labor pool can do for the world. I'm sure that there are schools all over Central America that need some work. The National Guard would build a School a year in Panama and Belize and just the addition of a new out house was a 100% improvement. Don't send money, send people, supplies and build their infrastructure.

  • Pay teachers hundreds of thousands of dollars and pay professional athletes $20,000 to $30,00 per year. Dad gum it, they are just playing a game. Hire extra teachers at every level to help make our education work better. Fire the administrators that do nothing but sit around and think of more things for teachers to do. If it doesn't teach kids and make it better for them, get rid of them. While you are at it, give the parents a programmed text so they can learn what the kids are learning so they can help with fifth grade math. At least put it online.

End of round two.



  1. So far I agree with everything you have said. My big question is how to make the changes that need to be made? I say vote all them fools out and start fresh! And term limits!

  2. Ooh, I like a lot of these--Kimmy's ideas, too.

    My favorite is the idea of what to do *instead* of fighting in Afghanistan, but maybe I'm influenced by concerns that my son might have to go there. The tree idea is great, too, and yes, teachers are worth far more than athletes in my opinion.

    As for taxes, I say the fairest way to do it is toss out the income tax and do it all through sales tax. Those who can afford to spend more will likely keep on spending more and will be taxed accordingly. Those who can't afford to buy a lot will be taxed on a lesser level, and those of us who are thrifty will be rewarded. I think that would go a long way toward helping turn around the mindset in this country. People might figure out that it isn't worth it to buy all that crap from China or that perhaps it isn't wise to buy that big screen TV they can't really afford anyway.

  3. Jenni gets my atta' Girl for the day. A consumption tax is an approach I hadn't put my finger on. Texas has that at the State level. A lot of people move there because of the no State Tax. My impression is they get it from you somehow.
    I will put this together with some other ideas for my final post in theis series on Friday. MUD