Saturday Things

Saturday here at the Ranch. No, we didn't move Rabbit Run or import animals, I just have been reading about the Mustangs for sale here in Topeka this weekend. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) sale of mustangs is ongoing here in the Capital City. They are offering a stipend of about $4,500 if you adopt a wild adult animal. There is no additional money if the horse has been broke or is young. I have no love for horses nor an actual desire to buy one. I had a bad meeting engagement in the Garden of the Gods, near Colorado Springs, years ago and after being kicked and thrown I have little desire to bring one of those wild horses here.

We have been looking in the paper each day to see what is out there in the car market. The ads make little or no sense to me. One dealer has a 2006 Mustang for $18,995 and on the same page advertises a 2009 for the same price. Our ideal car will have less than 30,000 miles and get at least 25 MPG with 30 being the ideal.

My plans for today include finishing the mowing at Dave's and doing some mowing here at RR. The weeds are getting out of hand. I will probably do some tree trimming soon. I notice there are branches in several places where the trees are touching the roof. I need to also get up on the roof and clean the debris off the gutter guards.

We went up to the local school and visited some of teachers that are raising Monarch Caterpillars. We take a supply of milk weed leaves so the little one's have something to eat. Most are either in the chrysalis or nearing that point. We expect the butterfly migration to come through Kansas soon. With the really cool days we are having I expect it to be a little earlier this year.

Oh well, better get moving and get some things done.


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