Something Different Part 1

For a week, I am going to post only my recommendations to help our country be a better place. Here is Round One. What I would do if I were in Charge:

  • First of all, I would do a benefit analysis of the US Budget and if any program doesn't produce a $ benefit for a $ spent, it would get cut. Cut the spending to the level of the benefit and keep the knife sharp. I would ensure that if congress doesn't fund something, it is eliminated not just unfunded. Simple budget rule Outgo equals income.

  • I would remind everyone in Government the rights of the people. I don't give a good gal dern if the message ain't pretty from the people, it is their right to say it. If any of our leaders cheat on ttheir wife, their taxes or fail to pay their taxes and they will get sent home with a letter to Their mother. Perhaps spankings with a paddle might be good for 'em.

  • I want to find a basic message for all kids to get in school. The basis for that message is do what your momma did and you will get what she got. Do more and do it better and you will get more. Life is not a groove or a rut, it is a highway to change. Get on it and run fast and learn everything you can and you will get to a better place.

  • I would elevate Bill Cosby to Secretary of Education. I listened to him tell it like it is the other day and I loved his message. Now is the time for everyone of all races and colors to forget the past and look forward. What was that old cowboy saying? "If you are riding into a fierce wind, lean forward in the saddle. Shouting at it just is a waste of breath."

  • Stupid speech is just that. Get smart and say something worth listening to or just shut up.

'Nuff said for today. Listen up y'all.


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