Kennedy Legacy

For any of you out there that for some strange reason expect this to be a glowing report of the greatness of the Kennedy Family, WRONG! Only a member of that family would have so much gall as to want to change the State Law because he is about to die. If the law was wrong, it should have been changed years ago. In Mass, it is the law that they hold an interim election to appoint his successor. The people of that State should use the laws in spite of the fact that he didn't.

Ask Mary Jo Kopechne's family if he deserves more.


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  1. Hey MUD, I read somewhere that the law has "already" been changed in Massachusetts. In fact, it was Ted Kennedy that pushed to change it to what it now is...now he wants to change it back the way it was.

    When John Friggin' Kerry was running for President in 2004, the law was changed from a normal gubernatorial appointment of a replacement Senator to a "special election."

    They did that because Republican Governor Mitt Romney would have appointed a Republican to Kerry's seat, if he had beaten Dubya.

    With the Kennedys (as you know), what's good for the goose is never good for the gander.