I live in Kansas because I love it here. We have four seasons, great people and interesting places. Most of the time you can look up and see the sky and it is seldom boring. It is the scenery that most of the people out west have except ours changes.
I don't want anyone to feel bad about where they live. In fact, I hope you love the place you are as much as I love it here. If you aren't in love with your place in life, why do you live there? Look out at your scenery and truly see what is there. I'll bet you really are fond of it and enjoy what you see.

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  1. I agree! Kansas is a beautiful state, and occasionally I miss the snow. I'll never forget eating dinner and Christmas music was playing. I look out the window and it was warm and sunny. However, I LOVE it down here. I love being 3 hours from the beach, Atlanta, Nashville, Memphis and mountains.