Great White Hope

Damn, Damn, Damn! Our Representative Lynn Jenkins said the Republican Party is looking for a "Great White Hope". What we need is a great leader that will help us shape the future in a positive manner. He or She can be pink, purple, white, red or yellow and get the job done.

The place to start is not with the President, but with the congress members that work so damned hard to spend our money. I like Pat Roberts but he does seem to turn up with special interest $ for pork barrel projects here in Kansas. Damn, it is our money he is spending and research centers here in Kansas still have a ripe pork smell.

I want Congress Men and Women that understand that outgo must not exceed income. Do more things with less or fewer things done well. When we find a group of people that don't want to spend like a bunch of Sailors in port for a couple of days, we will have arrived.

I think that the basis for change needs to start in Congress. When the President wakes up that crazy ideas backed with our money isn't going to happen, control and balance will be restored.

I hate it that our press is spending so much time looking into the shortcomings of our political candidates and not enough time looking at their programs and ideals. Everyone out there has done at least on stupid thing in our lives that would not stand up to today's standards. Oh well, if chosen I will not run and if elected I would not serve.


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