Blasts from the Past!

These beautiful young ladies are Mandy and Amy. Mandy is going to college now and we are very proud of her working to get ahead. Amy lives in Alabama and has a 1 year old that seems to not understand the word no, yet! I spent Thanksgiving with them last year and they are the best hosts.
This is Amy working on being the best mother ever. She is showing her nephew Joe the skill of Lego's. Can you imagine how fun it would be to have a mother that is fluent in Lego's? The good news is that our son had a great collection and every child that came here loved to get in the toy boxes and play.

I went to the airport to pick the kids up when they arrived at 10 PM. They were 30 minutes late and that put their plane right in the middle of the rush from a plane that arrived from Chicago. That put us another 30-45 minutes later. Got home about 12:30 AM. Not much going on in my world this morning. Coffee, the paper and this pitiful blog.


  1. Great pictures they were so cute.

  2. Wow! Not the most flattering picture of me! Remind me new to cut my hair that short again.