No More Black talk.

The other day, I saw Dan Rather do a partial interview with Morgan freeman. I have been a fan of his for a long time and I thought it was very interesting how he approaches the world.

Morgan does not want to be known as a black actor, he is an actor period. Not that he would turn down a juicy part because the character is black. He thinks Black History Month is redundant. How the hell can you separate the Black History of the United States from the White history? Do we have a Jewish History Month? How about the Irish (OK, we do have St Patrick's day).

The sooner we start celebrating the sameness of us all, the sooner we will all go forward. Lets see, it has been 160 years since Lincoln freed the slaves. It has been 50 years since Johnson made sure all of us have the right to vote. Isn't it time we began to look at the quality of the man's actions and stop looking at the color of his skin?

I think this is where I should insert that Dr Bill Cosby and I have the same thoughts on success. Get a good education, work hard, support your family, pay your bills and you too will succeed.
Life ain't complicated but that doesn't mean it isn't hard if you don't pay attention.



  1. MUD, the problem with your hopes is that "liberal white guilt," and the "race industry" will NEVER allow us to get past it.

    Sharpton & his kind would have to go find a way to make an honest living.

  2. I refuse to play the liberal white guilt card. I didn't cause any of their problems and I will no longer listen to that crap. I choose to listen to listen to Bill Cosby and Morgan and will continue to speak to everyone the same, including people of a different color, as I rumble through life.

  3. I totally agree will Morgan and Bill. As long as you seperate yourself you will be seperate. May I point out that blacks were/are not the only slaves in the world and the US was/is not the only country with slaves in the world. I have Irish herritage, do I go to England demanding payback? No, instead I work my ass off to feed my family instead not sitting around waiting for some guy to give me something for what his ansestors did to my ansestors.