Round Three of What I Would Do if I Was in Charge!

This is round three of some positive things I would do for our country if I were in charge:

  • I would find a way to let anyone that wants an education earn it by some kind of service to our country Like the G.I. bill but the service you perform would not be limited to just Military Service. I do like the basic training concept that the Military uses to get everyone on the same page but after that the training would be OJT. I would use these people in ways that serve mankind right here at home. They would get three hots and a cot and a little pocket money. The real pay back would be the tuition paid education at a State run college.
  • I would simplify our government funding bills. First I would make them state the problem they want to fix. Then state what they think it will cost them to fix it. And third I would send home anyone that added anything more to the bill. No add on's any where anytime. If the spending bill is more than three pages, it fails.
  • For most of my adult life, I have carried a Military ID. It tells anyone that needs to know who I am and it is the portal to Government benefits. I think we all should have a National identity card if we want anything from the Government. If you like to live without Government benefits, you don't have to have a card. If you want anything that costs the taxpayers a penny, you will have to have a card. No card, you can't get a job. No card, no benefits. Don't tell me that it can't work, Ask anyone in the Military if it works.
  • The paper this morning said there is not enough money to fund the DUI laws as they are written here in Kansas. Between the Fuel tax and the Alcohol tax they collect, there should be way enough money to fund better roads and more enforcement of the Laws. It is my opinion that if you get a DUI without an accident you should pay for the mandatory treatment. If you cause an accident you should be allowed to be released to go to work from the jail time you have to serve. Then you should have to pay for your own treatment. Kill someone and you go to Prison and then lose you drinking privilege when you are released. The drug of my choice is Antabuse for those who have been so out of control as to cause the death of another person.



  1. I particularly like the first two items. I don't disagree with the second two, I'm just less sure of them. Personally, I think the penalty for drunk driving should be much stronger than what you've suggested.

    As for the national ID card, I wonder if that would simplify things at the DMV. I had to stand in line for over an hour two days in a row waiting for Josh to get his permit. (He didn't pass the written test the first day.) On the second day, a military guy stood in line in front of us with his teenage son. When it was their turn, they found that his son could not take the test or get his permit because the dad did not have a Kansas state driver's license. His military ID did not work because they wanted proof of state residency. They would not accept his car registration because they "are separate from the tag office", but they would have accepted a school ID or report card from the kid. Man, was that dad pissed, and I don't blame him.

    Here's the real kicker, though. He opened the book provided by the DMV to the page where it lists acceptable forms of ID and pointed out that they had what was required. "Oh, that information is out of date. We just haven't updated our publications yet," was the answer he received. Now, FIVE YEARS AGO when I took Caleb for his permit, I had the SAME argument with them. I only had to wait 30 minutes, but I was plenty ticked, too. They still have not updated their information! Besides them being in the wrong, I do think our military men and women deserve a little extra consideration and a military ID should have sufficed.

  2. I would hace asked to speak with a supervisor first. If I got the same answer, I would call the fraud division of the attorney general's office and asked them to enforce the same law that states a businessman cannot bait and switch you in writing. They would have have had more to handle than they could have stood. I don't tolerate fools and stupid rules well. MUD