Saturday, 1 Aug 2009

Lots of my friends and family have birthdays near today. Starting with Austin and his mother, Amy followed by me, My Mother-in-law Marjorie and her son Jerry. I wish them all a big Birthday Howdy. Counting back from these birthdays the nearest holiday 9 months earlier is Thanksgiving. The nights are then getting shorter and cooler and romance must have been in the air. 9 Months later we have a bunch of Leo's (Astrologically Speaking) trying to rule the earth and everything in our domain.

I took the kids to the airport today. They are en route to Vegas for a week of play. They don't gamble or drink hard. I think they really like the pace of life there and the lack of a true day and night is just right up their alley. Their Friend Mel went with them and they are all in one hotel. The kids take advantage of those great hotel rates going on in Vegas.

Oh well, Have a great day out there.



  1. Happy birthday, MUD man!

  2. Happy Birthday to you too! Austin and I both were early, so I think Halloween is probably more like it.

  3. Its been a joy to read your posts today. Just wanted to say thanks. I know it can't be easy to write about Vietnam. My dad was there, he doesn't talk about it. Brilliant writing!