Chain Letters

Over the years, I have been sent many chain letters that promise fortune and a good life if I forward the mail on in a certain number of hours, minutes or days. I for one live on the edge and never forward the material. That doesn't mean that I don't read the material and enjoy it, it means that I don't always forward SPAM. I do tend to forward anything that makes me laugh and that I think is funny. Not so much those inspirational ditties.

For some reason I have been thinking about Myers Briggs and their personality types today. There is little doubt that I am an extrovert and energise myself through contact with others. It is the other factors that I seem to find change in my life. A lot of that is what uniform I am wearing and the job that I am doing. As a Military type, I was the kind of person that was always in the job of gathering data and evaluating the alternatives. I found that I made a more rapid decision than many of my peers, and a lot of time I found that these decisions had a high success rate. For some reason I found the rules easy to enforce and that I fell into the Justice side pretty hard over. If the rule said you get reduced a grade and do 30 days in the stockade, pack your bag. The feeling side of me that would provide mercy was always shaded by the fact that in the Military people had to perform the mission or people died.

From the few words above, I have found that I am ENTJ after most periods in uniform. I have to work hard to change the TJ to TP in my dealings with people. In my instructor or teacher mode I easily slide over to the P from the J side.

Well, my tenant just called and there is a minor problem at the rental house. Better load up my tools and make a run over to see what the hell that have done this time.


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  1. I just took that a week ago....

    I got ENFP. Sounds about right.