Planned Overs

When I grill on the weekend, I always try to have a couple of chicken breasts and a piece of steak or two left over. Many times they go into a fajita dinner but once in a while something is left over for another meal. here is a couple of ideas I tried this week;

The first meal was some quick sandwiches last night. I got the pan hot, buttered it and threw in some seeded rye bread to toast. About the time I got one side done, I had sliced some of the grilled chicken into about 1/8 inch slices. I put that on the bread and a slice of Swiss cheese. You can dress them any way you like. I found them to be about right without and dressing, mayo or BBQ sauce at all. I was tempted to do a light dressing of Frank's Hot Wing Sauce but decided not to. It was a simple sandwich that could be a snack, or the base for a dinner with some chips and a green veggie.

At noon today I found a pretty big piece of steak hiding in behind a bowl and decided that it would flavor a zucchini stir fry pretty well. I sliced up an onion that needed used. I probably threw about half of it away so call it 1/2 onion. I started cooking the onion while I sliced the three small peppers from the garden. Threw that in and started on the good sized zucchini. I sliced it in about 1/4 inch slices and chucked it in the pan. I sliced the steak in to small strips and put that in the pan. For health reasons, I didn't use butter, just water. I seasoned the veggies with a little soy sauce, some dried Italian herbs and just a sprinkle of sesame seed oil. You can salt and pepper it to taste. Watch the salt as the soy sauce is generally pretty salty. I have on occasion sliced up a potato and nuked it for four minutes and throw that in. This time I had some left over cheese potatoes and I served them on the side.

For me, this time of the year is just the time I have been waiting for. I generally get all the zucchini I want, plenty of different kinds of peppers for flavor and a sliced ripe tomato every other dinner. In the winter I use the frozen vegetables but this time it was fresh one's.

I think Barb is out looking at the garden to see if the hail did any damage. We had a good storm pass by after midnight and I heard hail on the roof at least once. The weather guy says we got at least an inch and a half of rain here. I guess over in Kansas City they got twice that.

happy Eating

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