31 Days of the New Decade

For the month of January, I am going to share at least an idea a day. The ideas will be things that I like or that I have learned that do me some good. Here goes.

Find a near by Credit Union and start putting some money there. When you need a loan or some small help for something financial they will pay it back in spades. When we bought the House Dave is living in they gave us a great rate on the loan and asked for no points in the deal. Because we had an account there, it was done quickly. From the time we started dealing with them to the time we actually got the loan, the interest rate had gone down a half a percent and they just lowered the rate on the loan. When we needed someone to witness our will, they did it at no cost.

From 7 PM Thursday to this morning the temperature has gone down 60 degrees. What a shock. If you count the wind chill it is closer to 80 degrees. I do admire 4 true seasons in Kansas but not in 48 hours. We have a skiff of snow but no where near an inch.

Yesterday evening, Barb got antsy to take down the Christmas decorations and take the tree out. Barb kept it watered well and it wasn't nearly as dry as some trees in the past were. Things look so plain without the trimmings. Be a lot easier to dust things though.

For some reason today must be cowboy day on Directv. About every other movie is a cowboy movie. I'm in heaven. Mom would have loved it also and she is in heaven.

OH well, breakfast awaits.



  1. Happy New Year, MUD!

    I know your Mom would be just as happy as you are with the Cowboy movies to look at. But, we both know she's got even better stuff going on.

    Our best to you, Barb, and the whole MUD clan!

  2. Great idea for the posting month, dude.

    And we are having the same kind of weather. Three days ago, eight inches of snow on the ground, yesterday it was all gone, today the mercury is plummeting.

  3. I've been with the same credit union for over 25 years; before that I was with an Air Force-related CU for 20. You can tell I second your first hint of the month.