Day 26

In a couple of days, Kansas will be 150 years old. I think that by the original date we entered the US as a State were 38th. I think those States that dropped out for the Civil War should lose their place in line and have to start over. On time in Texas, I asked a State Trooper guarding the Capitol Bldg when Texas came into the Union and he said, "Which Time?" Duh Dennis. I wonder how many people see the irony in KU and K-State playing on the State's 150th birthday this Saturday? The Republicans will have a chilli lunch in honor of the birthday.

Today's subject will be getting and maintaining a sense of humor. Here is one of the funny things I read in today's paper:

  • You know where the little Apple is? You Know what Rock Chalk means. You know that at a lot of funerals, there will be at least one pair of overalls. You know where Rock Post Country is and why? You know that people wearing Purple might be driving a pick-up. You have driven to Colorado in the wintertime to watch a basketball game and don't snow ski. You watch the clouds because there isn't a lot of scenery in your data bank otherwise. (On my reverse bucket list, there will be no games for me in Boulder watching Kansas vs Colorado in basketball)

The bad part of getting old is that while you have a good chuckle reading the paper, you can't remember all of it in about 30 minutes. I guess that is in its self funny. Smile and make them wonder what you are up to.