Day 20

When you start to think your political party's position is the "ONLY" one you need to stop, look and laugh. The difference between what either the Democrats or the Republican do is so small that both parties are over spending and under controlling the business of congress that they both should hang their head and walk away. That doesn't mean that the rhetoric they speak isn't on the opposite end of the world. It is that when they have to perform they do a lot of the same things. I predict the new Tea Party congressmen will wind up doing a lot of what the past congressmen did. How many of you remember the Newt Gingrich move to take over and change what was happening?

Every once in a while I have to remind some of my friends that we are a Republic not a Democracy. The people we elect are there to do the business of Government not to represent us in our every thought. Just how schizophrenic would our congress have to be to reflect how vague our opinions are even within each district. Just look at Kansas. We have cities that are Democratic enclaves and rural areas that run almost 100% Republican. Just watch the voting results on the State wide offices. The early results are done by machines and Democrats always are way ahead early in the day. By late night the hand counted ballots from the rural precincts come in and the republicans win (Not always, but more often than not).

What I think we should all do is to care enough to support those that reflect the majority of the things we do, send money and finally do the most important thing - VOTE


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