Just Something Different

If your life is just too boring, try feeding the animals in the wintertime. We have a black oil sunflower feeder, a suet block feeder, a finch (Thistle seed) feeder and a heated water bowl. There is a constant level of activity out side the house and it is better than daytime TV. Do not put the feeders on your deck unless you want a constant mess there.

Do not buy the fancy bird seed, they love the black oil sunflower seeds from the Tractor Supply Store. Anything with Millet in it will just go to waste. Also, in cold weather, water is just absolutely needed by every animal in the yard.

We do put up a humming bird feeder when we know they are in the area. Generally this is April through late September.


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  1. MUD, I have a number of bird feeders and feed a few birds + about six squirrels, plus have a water source for all of them. You're right, there's a lot to be enjoyed by watching them.

    Speaking of enjoyment, your "daily posts on life" are great.

    I myself have driven from Dodge to Garden City.