Day 17

DIVORCE is a subject that just should never be spoken. Talking about your goals and how you are going to get what you want out of what you do is a way to keep a marriage together. There have been opportunities for me to stray away from our marriage but I never did. I have seen many people fall in love with someone other than their spouse and then realize what a mistake they made. I contend you cannot be in love with two people at the same time. Any love you give outside of the marriage is lost inside the marriage. For us, a long car trip where we talked would do more than counseling. Yes, I have been fortunate and I love her for it.

Divorce is like a gun don't ever aim it unless you plan to use it.



  1. Dude, you knocked this one completely out of the park.

    Never say it, ever.

  2. Clint Black has a song called "Something That We Do" (which I think he sings with his wife). It's a great song, and every couple should listen to what it has to say. Love isn't some place that we fall, it's something that we do. Too many people want to blame their hearts or their emotions or destiny or the other person, but each of us controls our own thoughts, actions, and emotions (and, yes, destiny) and is responsible for them. If you've made a commitment, barring circumstances such as abuse or the other person refusing to honor their commitment, you stick with it. You guard your heart and your mind from even the slightest flirtation (sorry, Facebook didn't make you do it), and you work out your troubles. Admittedly, some people make honoring that commitment easy. I guess you and I are alike in that we both lucked out in that regard:o) Great post.

  3. Yeah, Paul beat me to it.

    Definitely went yard. I shall use that last line. Again, and again.

  4. I have seen what divorce can do to people and it is usually ugly. However, some people should never get married in the first place. My mom needed to divorce my dad, but I glad she stuck around long enough to have my sister and I. I hope I never have to go through it...I told Keith if he ever cheated he'd better not fall asleep. He will wake up less a man;) He's wise and takes my word for it. Not to mention he loves me;)I love Naked Man too.

  5. Amy, one of my favorite stories is about a man near Paola Kansas who came home drunk and unshowered from visiting his girl friend. His wife took a tube of Super Glue and applied it to the offending member. Yep, glued it to his leg. He drove to Kansas City to keep it a secret and found that the Nurse that was assigned to remove the glue lived just up the street from him. The moral of the story is don't cut, glue. The solvent that cuts off the glue also removes a layer of skin.