Day 23

In the winter, here in the heartland , there is just no way to stay in shape except to go to the mall and walk. That's the rub, if you go to the mall, you have to smell the food court. $20 bucks for lunch, if Barb drinks water. If we go to Walmart, about $50.00. I have never gotten out of Sam's club for much less than $70.00 (More if we fill up the car at their gas pumps)

It really sucks to end the year riding 8 miles or more on the bike, three times a week and now to be so out of shape. I wonder if the sidewalks were dry if I could ride 8 miles. I guess I have to find a way to get and stay in shape. I would give you some good advice on this but I for one am at a loss.

No, I don't want to work for someone and have it add to my tax bill.



  1. MUD, round is a shape also!
    Nothing more boring than hitting the tread mill for 30 minutes. We have a fantastic walking path that completely goes around our small town, but do we use it in the winter? Noooooo!
    I think I will have another cookie and wait for Spring!

  2. Get you a stationary 'bent, MUD. I enjoy mine to the hilt.