Off Subject Post - Hatred

I am just struck by the open hatred of all things Political. What should be love of your party has turned ugly and into hate of the other party. The pinnacle of this has been when people feel so frustrated that gunfire erupts and people take to shooting politicians. I would think that this could be a real problem if everyone got off their butts and voted. If 99% + of the people voted and then they feel really unhappy with Government, I might be then inclined to think that it is all the Government's fault. I really don't agree with the President, Barack Obama's view on what's wrong and how to fix it. I do, however, agree that he is the President and he should be given his full 4 years to make a difference.

If you don't feel like you have a voice in our Country, get out and help your political party, run for office, write letters to the editor, go door to door, help your guys campaign and for sure get up off your butt and vote. I disagreed of with my sister when she stood on the streets of Lawrence and protested, but you can bet I was proud as hell of her for doing what she felt compelled to do. She was exactly what I think we all should have been during the Vietnam War. She supported me with letters and packages while hating the war.

Just yesterday Barb and I talked about guns. She can understand why people own them but doesn't understand why people think they need a gun to speak out. State your Political views with your voice, your actions and your vote but please, leave your guns at home.


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