I'm here to Help

This is just a short note for my friends out there. I love to have people over and to cook for them. Things are better in warm weather where I get a chance to grill, but I try to not have bad meals in cooler weather. I am of the opinion, that people can be famous, successful or a failure without it making any difference to how I live my life. In that, I mean that I will celebrate when you are promoted, pass a hurdle along the way or just have a good thing happen to you in your life. I am probably not the person that will cry with you and that is my short coming not yours. If you want good company, good conversation and nice place to visit, you are welcome here at Rabbit Run. In spite of my name, Mean Uncle Denny (MUD) and the reputation as an equal opportunity offender, I will smile and play nice. I promise you that Barb makes me play well with others.


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