Day 25

Sharing and caring what happens to your friends is an interesting area of study. When I was young, I absolutely hated it when good things happened to someone else and not me. I think it created the feeling that I could not succeed if someone else did. Some where in the maturing process something changed and I realized that there is almost always room for lots of people to get theirs and have some left over for me. This isn't a universal thing. I hear a lot of gossip about the people that win and we all know how quickly the media loves to dish out bad news on people that make a small error (or two).

What does it mean when your Basketball falls from number two to number five in the middle of the season? Not much really. What does it mean when your friends team wins a tough game? Not much really - to me, but why not celebrate for them? History is full of people, States and entire Nations looking for someone to blame instead of just trying to move forward.

I am not sure where I found the concept that life is a journey and no one place is the destination. I was never accepted by the general as the Chief of Staff but I did get to retire with a pension and my health. Would a few extra dollars then and now have been worth the extra strain on my health? Who won? In the long run, I think I did because I am now retired and alive.

Things change in our life and I think if we do our best and smile as much as possible the end will be that we can find peace and other than the fact that there was change, we can generally move on.

I am going to try to live my Motto: "Smile and make them wonder what you have been up to!"


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  1. Mud, your motto is certainly a good one. It drives them nuts wondering what you are up to!