Day 14, College

Dutch Uncle Talk Number 14.

COLLEGE OR ADVANCED TRAINING is another area that people will often over pay for what they get. Barb and I did our best to cash flow our college and finish with as small a student debt as we could. I think the semester Barb did her Student teaching we took out a loan for $500 . When Barb started teaching, it was in a Title 10 school and the Government paid the interest and a part of the loan each year and I don't think we had any carry over. We cash flowed most of my education due to the GI Bill. Barb also taught the last two years of my education. Look to the GI Bill, work programs where the employer will pay a good portion of the cost and get as many hours as cheaply as possible. Live at home and attend a local Junior or Community College. Go for the high priced college only as a last resort. If you know that a Masters in Social Work only pays a starting salary in most other fields, don't go in major debt to get one. I meet people that owe over $100,000 for an education that costs way more than the earning power. I also ask people can they eat their education? What I mean is there a real job out there for that degree? Most Business Degrees and teaching degrees are a ticket to quick employment. There is a growing need for people that can install or fix things. Consider the local Trade school for Heating and cooling or electricity.

The area that I want everyone to consider is to never stop learning. Even once you are certified in a field, there is a good amount of continuing education. Read as much as you can stand and 50% of that needs to be in your field.

Good Luck and Good Learning.



  1. I beat myself up all the time for not finishing college, and maybe one day I will go back. However, I took a road that lead me to the life I have now. Although, I struggled more than I would have with a degree I worked hard and got positive end results. Keith and I both agree that we will make sure we prepare Austin a little better for life after high school than we were. You always want better for your kids.

  2. I looked up the term hard worker and there was a picture of you. Is there a degree completion program near you that will allow you to take one or two classes a semester? Many programs also will let you find life credits for the work you do and the learning involved in your work. The new way is on line learning where you can study at home. It is never too late to learn.

  3. I agree with the Dutch Uncle!
    There are degree programs offered by expensive schools that are worthless as far as earning power goes. An example would be a kid that ends up being 100K in debt with a degree in European Fine Art, then can only get a job in a factory sweeping floors! Sad, but very true today.

  4. I will look into that Uncle Denny. I would love to have a degree even if I am already doing what I will probably do until retirement, but you're right you should never stop learning. It will be a lot easier for me to tell my children the importance of education if I practicce what I preach and continue my education!