Day 24

A wise man said, "Find ways to love what you do for a living and you will never work a day in your life." During all the years I worked full time in the Guard, Mondays was the day I would dig out my desk from all the new projects picked up during drill. I would have to incorporate all the new stuff into the work flow and then make it all work. Once I became a supervisor, I also made it a point to start the week out by visiting each employee if I could. I would put off visiting with my boss until later on in the week as he would always be buried with weekend crap.

Another way to look at Mondays is that if you are living your life right, Mondays at work lets you earn money to have another good weekend. Just how much fun could you have if it weren't for the money you earn going to work? Oh, by the way, retirement means that Monday is just another day. How fun is that?

Oh well, remember My Mom's motto; "Wanting what you have is better than getting what you want."



  1. Oh, by the way, retirement means that Monday is just another day. How fun is that?

    LOTS! This retirement thang is the best gig I've ever had, and I had some danged good ones. ;-)

  2. I had last week off to spend time with Caleb while he is home on leave. It was nice, and I enjoyed our time together, but I sure missed the little girl I work with at that low-paying job with the boss who makes my blood boil. I think she missed me too. I got lots of extra hugs today.

  3. Grandma Petty was right! It's just easier said than done some days;)

  4. MUD, I have only had ONE gig that I walked away from because I just COULD NOT find a way to enjoy it.

    I learned many years ago that when work becomes "work," it's time to move on. Life is too short for foolishness like that.

    Good post. I've really enjoyed these January posts. Really.