Microwave Saga

In yesterday's post written way early in the month, I mentioned the Microwave crapping out. I attempted to take it apart to see if there was an obvious fault and found out that there is a special kind of safety screw that holds the cabinet on. Oddly in spite of having Ken's good advice I didn't have a tool to take them out. I have almost every good kind of tool including a 1/4 inch drive socket set. Now all I need is a giant garage to organize it all.

On our trip to our Wholesale house, we picked out a nice looking microwave in a kind of dented box. I am not sure why, but it never dawned on me to take a look inside of the box to see if the microwave was in good shape. WRONG! When I got it home it was clear that it had been either thrown or fell a good distance and the corner of the cabinet was dented in a couple of inches. The foam corner to protect it was even gone so someone knew what had happened.

On my trip back to BB, I went by Harbor Freight and for about $9.00 there was a set of special bits that would get around any safety bolt or screw. I bought a set and came home. The new Microwave is excellent and it works like a champ. I turned my attention to the old one and soon had the case apart. The fuse was not seated and it was almost out. I put it where it should be and it seemed to work fine. Dang, I wish I had found that out before I purchased a new one. Oh well, life's grand and I have a spare microwave. Even when you can write good advice, you have things to learn.


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  1. Everybody needs a spare microwave oven.

    And, a huge garage to keep it, and all the other "spares" that it seems we all collect.

    I've got three microwave ovens. Seriously. Each time one of the boys meandered back home they brought one.

    At least I'm good through this decade (at least) on microwave ovens.