Day 12 Mo' Advice

Our Focus this Christmas through New Year's season on was on people. We hosted the family party and then had several different dinners with friends. I hope you had a great Holiday Season and in that avenue, I will share what I have found that rings true for us.

HAPPINESS - There is just no answer to having your family and friends close to you in your life. Few people are happy alone and/or friendless. I know people that are so sad and full of hate and I feel sorry for them. Even with the death of my mother this year my family had a celebration of her life not a funeral. Other than family, most of have a few things that make you happy. With Barb, it is gardening in good weather and reading when it is cold. With me, it is reading, cooking and sports on TV. I also spend a good deal of time each day expressing myself on my blog and writing pieces of a book. I probably have a book's worth of material but do not have it organized well enough to market. I'm not sure I even want to. My mother had a great poster on the back of her bathroom door, "Wanting what you have is much more important than getting what you want."

The person that gives you the most advice is the person you face in the mirror each morning. I hope you can put yourself in a place where you can continually learn new things and continue to improve. Remember, If you did what you did, you will continue to get what you got. Try to look forward and not to the past unless it is something funny as hell. Then write it down and laugh, laugh, laugh. You might even read about it here.


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  1. Amazing how some people are never satisfied with what they have!
    You're mothers poster should be the Mantra for those folks who whoop out the plastic for anything that catches their eye.