Day 15

The other day, one comment on face book went on to draw 109 comments. It was mostly a couple of people having a contest to see who could "text" the other one with the most numerous inane comments. Have we lost the ability to hold a really good conversation? I know that by the number of letters we receive, the ability to write a letter is on the decline. The following are comments of the type I read all the time:
  • I had a bad day.
  • I am sad
  • I am Happy
  • On no, something changed and my world is falling apart.
  • I am mad at someone and don't want to tell them what is is or why.

I really don't expect people to have world problems solved on a Social Network, but i would think that once in a while there would be some comments that are deep, meaningful or at least on some topic.

Where do I apply the maximum weight of my abilities? I try to reduce every complex thing to the simple "what matters." Do I over generalize sometimes? Yes but the Good Lord gave me an abundance of common sense and I try to use it. I find that counting on me to get things done is more often enough. I exert good old willpower. If you want to set a good example, learn to read and write. finally, Leadership is a learned skill that helps you motivate people to get things done and think it was their idea. Use it to motivate not intimidate. We all know right from wrong. use that skill and communicate what you think.

I am not sure what the label for this post should be. Something like If you write, make a difference.



  1. You're just disgruntled that we're not FaceCrack friends. Then you'd be reading deep, meaningful comments all the time. It's true.

    We can remedy that, though. :)

  2. Facebook. Meh. ;-)