Old Joke(s)

One day, a Colonel and a Captain were talking about life. The subject of sex came up and they could not agree. The Colonel, being a lot older, thought Sex was more work. The Captain thought it was more fun. To help settle the disagreement, they called a Private over and asked him to decide. After a few moments, the Private said, "It must be all fun, if there was any work in it, they would have me on a duty roster and have me over doing it for you!"

The Old retired Colonel went to the Doctor and asked for something to boost his sex life. The Doctor said he had a new pill that combined Viagra with Ginko Biloba. If It doesn't give you an erection, it allows you to remember what one was like.

This is what happens when you get to stay home and watch it snow. At one time i was the Military Support Officer for Kansas and never stayed home because of the snow, ice or Natural Disaster. OK, I did get a pass when the tornado tore down our house but that was only once in a lot of years.

have fun but be careful.


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