Day 29

Did I mention that if you are going to do something every day in a month, pick February? This started as a labor of love and has slowly become a labor.

Have I told you how proud of my wife barb I am? Yesterday when we went to the Kansas Natural History Museum, we met about 700 kids there for the free lesson on Kansas. About 11:30, the Governor showed up to meet and greet the kids. Him (Gov Brownback) being a republican and me being an old Republican, I couldn't wait to get a chance to meet and listen to the Governor. Barb, not so much. But, because I went, she went. The Governor had about 200 kids in the conference room and played the crowd. He asked the kids to shout out the State Motto, and lots of different things. He asked the kids what they wished for Kansas to get on its birthday and one little guy piped up peace. I am darned proud that Barb held it in check and didn't holler, "More school funding. "

Tonight will be the Sunflower Show Down. KU and K-State will meet in Lawrence to see who can carry the title of best team in Kansas. The Governor said that on Saturday everyone could pick a side but on Friday we were all JayHawks. I agree that we are all Kansan's and that should be good enough. I can't tell you how many years they have split the series. One year, I saw Kansas win in Manhattan at the game and K-State win in Lawrence on TV. Oh well...

Support your team but remember that it is only a game and even if the best two teams play, one has to lose.


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  1. Heh! Yeah, sometimes forcing yourself to write something can be pretty tedious.

    I don't know how much funding it is going to take to fix our education system. We're spending more on it now than we ever have, and all I hear is complaints that it's not enough.

    I don't begrudge teachers good pay. God knows I wouldn't want their job. But our problem (at least here in LA) is too much administration, too little discipline, and too low expectations. Money won't fix that, IMHO.