Day 18

Once upon a time, I found a saying from Hilleal the Elder, a Rabbi that told us to be mindful of what we say for it becomes our thoughts, Thoughts become habits, and finally habits become actions. There have been times when people have accused me of having a thought cross the front of my brain and it would fall out of my mouth. You see this on Facebook a lot. Today there was a post against the Westborough Baptist Church and their protests. I remember when the first Congressional hearings against Pornography were held and everyone said we were going to hell in a hand basket and the plethora of pornography was the path there.

I think that a lot of older people are conservative because they can remember what it was like to win a little league Ball game and today can't find, or at least don't remember names of people they meet. I will promise you that living in a time where we used the outhouse at grandma's and had no air conditioning wasn't a great time to live. People died of infections because there weren't good anti-biotics. As much as I hate it, things change and nothing except the fact that things will change stays the same. In the 60's, I worked a 40 hour week for $55.00. Hell, I drop that on most any trip to WalMart today.

back to the WBC Pickets. What freedoms are we willing to give up to achieve shutting this bunch of morons down. Freedom of Speech? Freedom of Religion? Freedom to assemble? Freedom to double space after a period...?

This is a repeat topic for me but BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU ASK FOR. IT JUST MIGHT BE THE ONE FREEDOM YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT! If you shut down the WBC folks, wouldn't you have to shut down Rap music. Wait, I am still thinking about that one. I am not sure if I really care if they tell us that we can't have 31 round magazines for our Beretta's. Have you bought ammunition lately?

Thanks for all of the comments on yesterday's blog.


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