Day 31

The heartland is bracing for what could be the perfect storm. The weathermen have no real idea just how soon the rain will turn to ice and then snow. This morning it was misting real lightly and it was really slick going out to get the paper. I walked in the crusty snow to be able to get out. Where I cleared the sidewalk it was like greased snot slick. Try to imagine ice covered with jell-o and then WD-40 slick.

My last post of January is about getting ready for emergencies. No, I didn't drag out the generator this summer and get it started. No, I didn't drag the tractor in the garage this fall and put the snow chains on it. No, I didn't make any special attempts to stock up on food. Wait, there is probably enough staples to keep us the the week after I run out of body fat. I have a great rechargeable flash light and the battery on the computer is all charged up. I have a cord to plug the generator in and run a couple of things. I can keep the fridge and the furnace running if I can get the darn generator started.

Oh well, my last bit of advice is don't wait until the last minute to get ready. Rush around like the rest of the world and get it done.



  1. Try to imagine ice covered with jell-o and then WD-40 slick.

    Nyuk! Even though there's nothing funny about it, that's still funny!

    Oh Jeepers! Man, it IS gonna be a mess. We're even expecting upper teens.

    Winter sucks. I know they always say, "Well, if we don't have winter, the bugs and skeeters won't die," and all.

    Bah! Humbug! I can kill bugs and skeeters with chemicals.

    Stay safe, MUD.

  2. Yeah, this one ain't gonna be pretty. Stay warm, MUD.