Day 21

Oh Dear, at the start of this month I started sharing advice and had several days worth of material written so until today I was at least a day ahead. I feel like that little wren in the seed feeder and don't have any idea what to do. Most of the birds fly in and take a seed and go back to the trees to eat. The newby's just fly in and get the hell bothered out of them as everyone else stops by to get a seed. Perhaps the piece of advice that makes life better today is just that. Learn the Rules.

If you read Facebook with any regularity, it centers around the emotions of the teenagers. Mostly it centers around the boy/girl relationships. Some of their observations are - Tell the truth, Girls Know... Girls will talk to their friends and eventually they will get around to analysis of what you said. I think that telling the truth is the best way to live because you don't have to remember what lie you told and what you only imagined. The second is "Boys". The truth is that most boys are in it to get in it. The idea that you will have to get married and live forever with someone that young is just not in the picture. My rule is to tell them how pretty they are and how they make you feel. Tell the truth about it and play fair.

Young loves will end and I think that each love helps you grow better able to understand and get over the last one. Being able to move on is the tough part.

Love, laugh and enjoy the trip through life and keep moving forward.


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