Day 9

Once in a while, I read some of the stuff I write here and this morning had a blinding flash of the obvious (BFO). Barb and I talk about a lot of things and sometimes I just miss the small kernal of truth in a good conversation because I don't WRITE IT DOWN.

At one time I carried a Day Runner, a Day tripper or one of those black notebooks used to organize and remember. When I retired, I stopped doing that and now as I am getting older, I realize that my excellent memory and ADD cause me to lose the train of thought from time to time. I am thinking about how to get it all back and I am convinced that I need to write this stuff down. Yes, challenge number two is how to display this wisdom and wit. This month my BC&BS Medical Insurance goes to over $400 a month. I have Tri Care from my Medical Retirement but I have never really used it as our principle insurance. We also are about to enter the Medicare age and I need to develop a plan of attack. I'm sure that the extra $4,800 a year can do some good somewhere rather than in the hand of an Insurance company. Unless i write this down, my plan of action will be a conversation months from now where we agree that we should have done something about that.

So, find a way to put your Dreams into a plan, Set goals and tasks to accomplish those goals and WRITE IT DOWN!

Went upstairs and wrote down a page of things I need to look at and do. I can see that I some how need to tie it to some form of a daily schedule. That means that I need to put the tasks in some order like do today, do tomorrow, next week or next month. Might even have a deadline or drop dead date needed. Crap, back to a day runner for a while. Oh well, i asked for it. By the way, the task of organizing the garage when it is only 20 degrees in there just doesn't have the fun that it sounded. I want to bring the garden tractor in and put chains on it but I need to dress more warmly right now.



  1. Right now, tomorrow morning get the tractor ready for snow. We will be stuck up on the hill because of Raymonds back. We have food enough but will have to cancel things until we can get down and up our driveway.

  2. Good advice about writing things down, but then I forget where I wrote it down, seriously!
    Just another little joy of getting older!
    Snow coming to Mid-TN tonight and Monday, another couple of days of being snowbound here on the ridge!