Oh No, They Found US

We have lived in the woods at Rabbit Run for about 20 years without a "Trick or Treater" or a Jehovah's witness ever setting foot on the place. This morning about 9:45 we had a pair of people show up to Share their views with us. It ain't Halloween. Barb was her nice, polite and firm self and thanked them for stopping by but making sure they understand we are not interested.

This is my Sharing and Caring Month of the new Decade. The thing I want to point out today is Sharing. I think that sharing our bounty is a way to look forward. We see the smiles on their faces and hope that it helped put a smile in their heart. We have a friend that lives in Texas that comes up once a year or so to visit with her friends and stays here with us. It doesn't hurt that she is our daughter-in-laws' friend and someone we have grown to care for. In her note as she was leaving she thanked us for our hospitality and sharing love to our favorite Daughter. Seeing that we didn't have a daughter of our own, This works for me.

For Christmas this year, we got to share with a large portion of our family for the family dinner. It gave us a good reason to clean out the corner spider webs and laugh with our family. We all eat soup and then open white elephant gifts. The girls also worked up a game where we all shared five things about ourselves that were either true or crap. Laughter everywhere. On a serious note, Barb adopted a family that is having a hard time putting it all together this year. They moved here from California and the single Mom is just starting a new job. We got to spend a couple of hundred dollars and bring smiles to three little kids. So, if you want to know a secret to happiness, look for the smiles on the face of people you get to share and care with.

This is day two of my hints for the new decade. I have a lot more to share. Just remember to read what I write with the thought that good advice may be worth just what it costs. This will be free so if it doesn't work for you, do it your way. Just remember that if you do what you did, you will probably get what you got!


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  1. Barb is a nice woman. Our dearly departed black lab, Midnight, hated Jehovah Witnesses...and black folks.

    And a black Jehovah Witness did not stand a chance on our street.

    Just sayin'...