Abundance Mentality

Once, a good friend of mine said that in his opinion, there was enough money in our Federal Budget that we really didn't need to worry about what the Government was spending. His "Abundance Mentality" was and continues to be the thinking in a lot of areas. I am afraid that I have to call BS on that and cause everyone to stand up and be aware that there is just not enough money to fund it all.

In our perfect world, the air would be clean and nice 100% of the time in 100% of the places. The problem with that is that is the sign of no manufacturing and people heating with Natural gas and no coal. Can we afford to have the EPA raise the prices until we have nothing to buy because there is no money? How about the people that shout no coal fired plants and then say don't build the windmills in My Back Yard. We said no to Nuclear energy and now it has been so long that I am not sure the Technology to Build a clean Nuclear Plant is even available.

The other day, someone compared the money spent on the Stimulus bill to the number of people hired. For what we spent, we should have been to put everyone to work but instead we spent about $280,000 per job. Is there enough money to borrow out there that we can afford to put everyone back to work? I don't think so.

Do we need to wonder how many new Federal workers have entered the labor pool? How big do we need to grow that number before it gets out of hand. Look at the Pension Plan pools and see how many people are paying in and how many Billions will need to be on hand in just a few years. Our abundance mentality should kick in and people should ask if we can't pay for what we have now, how can the congress be adding to that burden?

There may come a day that we all will need to look like a bunch of thugs to wake congress up to the fact that they can't continue to spend money on new things until they figure out how to pay for the things we have on the books. Unfunded mandates are nothing more than highway robbery and they don't wear a mask.


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