I Love Winter!

For the rest of the year, I look forward to snow, ice and cold temperatures. It is such a treat to be trapped in the house so Jack frost doesn't nip off my junk. Wait, as Rosann Roseanadanna would say - Never mind. That is such a lie!

Lets talk old cars a minute. You might think that a Volvo made in Sweden would be about the best car for cold weather. I had a 69 Volvo that dad wore out driving to Arkansas and I found a wrecked Volvo (73 Model, I think) It had a brand new motor and I drug the old one out and put the new motor in the old wagon. The first time it got cold, the damn thing wouldn't start. It wasn't getting any gas. I got it in the dealership and they had inside over the weekend. It started fine and they sent me home with a bill for basically doing nothing. Next morning, it wouldn't start again. I drug it over to the Armory and put it inside. next morning, it started fine. I talked to the guys in the shop and they said that I should never leave the tank under 3/4 full in cold weather and put a bottle of heat (Alcohol) in it every other time I filled up. Problem solved but dang, you would think they would have known that at the Dealership. Today, I try to keep the tanks full on all the cars but the unleaded gas seems to be dryer than the old regular gas was. I think there is also a little alcohol left over from the times I have to fill up at the one station that carries the Methanol brand gas.

I really do like the January and February Basketball season where the BIG XII ( soon to be the unnamed 10) play each other and beat each other up. Then the March madness will settle in and the fun will begin. If I could live in a really warm place and have coverage of all the Big XII I would be happy.

Yesterday Barb came in and said that if we could eat robins, we wouldn't have to buy any food for a month. This morning as the snow is melting away from the leaf piles, the robins are out stirring them to eat all the little tasty morsels they can find. I counted at least 50 just east and north of the house. I don't think it got below freezing last night so the melting goes on.

I haven't decided where I am going, but I am definitely going to escape the house sometime today. Probably just a run to WalMart but who knows. It is time the Ford got out of the driveway - We'll see.



  1. I like a little winter but not a LOT of winter. Where I live in NM gets just enough snow and cold to remind me why I don't live in western NY, Detroit, or NoDak any longer. But this year the WX is trying my patience, severely.

    re: Swedish cars. I had a SAAB 9000 for five years and it was one of the worst cars I EVER owned. Most people I've known who owned Volvos loved 'em. Actually, the same thing is true of SAABs... I guess I'm the exception to the rule.

  2. RE: Getting out of the house!
    I'm good for about three days of retirement bliss, then I have to get out, any excuse will do.
    Heavy rain due here on the ridge Monday, temps just above freezing, then much colder mid-week. We are seeing more Robins here too, wonder what weather forecast they are listening to?