Warmer Weather

After a week of below zero weather, we are ready to have a week where 40-50's is the norm. It might have gotten to a warmer temperature yesterday but we still have a blanket of white on a lot of the ground. I'm sure that it is like ice in our tea and keeps things cooler than we might wish. There is still some snow on the drive from a couple of snows ago.

Today is the last day we will get to see our Jayhawks play at home this year. Barb bought a 10 game ticket package and Iowa State is the last one. In the past, if we had read that a starting guard and the number six man on the team was hurt, we might have panicked. The good news is that the hawks are playing at least 9 and perhaps 10 deep this year and there seems to be little let up no matter who is on the floor. With the likes of Travis Releford and Mario Little to come in and give us some help, rest those injured warriors for later games. I don't think I need to yell that at Bill Self, he is getting the best out of his team this year. If you have watched much college basketball, the one loss to Texas is what you might suspect. Texas might have had more talent last year, but they never played like a team. This year they do and they have figured out how to win.

Oh well, had a nice day yesterday and hope we can do the same today.


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